About us

We are a team of dedicated geeks who have been delivering specialised software solutions to the education sector.

Our mission was to develop Schoolworks as a school management system which could offer schools, colleges and training instutions a new way of managing their schools which puts learners, teachers and users at the centre of a flexible, easy to use and collaborative system.

By building Schoolworks on the Goschool app we can offer all schools, whether large or small, a truly enterprise quality system which is secure, flexible and scaleable, accessible anywhere on any device without the need for any expensive server hardware or software.

Schoolworks has been launched in several international school.Now available in reasonable price and easily by Goschool app.


Tab Lab

Tablab is used to develop the student knowledge from e-learning videos and text content which included in digital library for IIT foundation course.

SMS/Email Portal

By this portal we will send the messages each and every programe and also consectetur adipisicing elitcollect the suggestions from Parents to Management...

Accounts Portal

Account portal is very important as it is used to help the parents to send the fees transaction through payment gateway.

Transport Tracking

It helps to Parent/School Mangement/ Studnets by tracking the school bus where it is transporting through GPRS tracking..

Parent Portal

It is useful to the parents check the each and every Assignment/Timetables /Student Results and school activities etc..regarding his/her child .

Teachers Portal

By this portal it is useful to monitor the each and every student perfomance& also can easily assign the home work/classwork and assignments for students..

Assignment Tracking

This is useful to parent and students to check their classworks and homeworks/assignments given in school..

Attendance Portal

This portal parents can check their children's attendance from home only with this mobile app.Teacher's can post regularly every day attendance from this school mobile app..

Digital Library

Digital library provides e-videos , e-library from different way to every student from digital libtary option in mobile each and every text book content

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